Sketches from the beginning…

sketch of "Illuminate"

sketch of "Illuminate"

The photo from the positing 7/30/10 is the first completed fabric construction panel for the project…but how did it all begin three years ago…

The initial three concepts came to me as ones central to Judaism–

Illuminate and its relationship to “light”-whether one is thinking of “illuminated letters” in the tradition of Medieval books with gold letters or the candles one lights on Shabbat then draws in the “light” to bring a sense of delight to the time one is entering.

Wrestle is the journey of questioning, seeking answers yet knowing that within Judaism there are no definite answers…it is the old “on the one hand—yet on the other” that one pursues to see that there is a value to both sides of the question. That nothing is totally black or white, but through the seeking and questioning  one’s can raise awareness.

Connection is the concept that it’s not only the “web” that connects us in this age of computers, but there have historically been connections that weave through our lives, around the world, through the Universe. Through raising  ”insight”, one can begin to know and recognize these “threads” that connect us, one to another.

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