….life intervenes….

After a hiatus which started in late August, when I completed work on the “elements and particles”, until now, life interceded–holidays, weddings, family and guests (and other projects)….all good things, but the work on “Threads of Connection” was set aside. Now, with the new year of 2011 beginning, it’s time to pick up the “Threads” where I left off.

The previous post contained a sketch from December 2007, when ideas and thoughts began to take shape in cursory sketches…the first a sketch for “illuminate”. The second concept of the “introduction” is wrestle…

The question that I posed to myself was “What simple, universal image could convey the physical struggle of wrestling?” A knot with its intertwined strands woven and pulling against each other from different directions—tightening and loosening, expanding and contracting was where the sketching process began.

Repeated quarter designs with increasing complexity began to proceed across the page…

until a pattern emerged that looked interesting as a full page…

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