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UNICEF selects design by Portland printmaker
The Oregonian, February 15, 1985

by: Alan R. Hayakawa

A design by Portland printmaker has been selected for use card in 1986.

Harwin's image of ten dancing men is titled "L'Shana Tova Tikatevu" which translates "May you be inscribed for a good year" and refers to the 10 High Holy Days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur when the Book of Judgment is open and people's fate for the coming year is written.

The print was one of 300 designs selected from 1,000 finalists by the international UNICEF card committee. The selections are made available to the UNICEF chapters in member na- tions, which select the designs they wish to use. Sale of the cards benefits the United Nations agency's relief programs for children.

Harwin"s design started down the long path to the selection committee without her knowledge when Portlander Ellamae "Woodie" Naylor spotted an article on Harwin and her work. Naylor is Oregon representative of the U.5. Committee for UNICEF, and the artist's interest in folk an, folk dance and traditional patterns caught her eye.

"I saw it in The Oregnian, and I said, `That looks like UNICEF,' " Nayior said. She forwarded the design to the American director of the greeting card program, who encouraged her to contact the artist.

Naylor said sales of UNICEF greeting cards raised millions of dollars each year for the agency's programs, which are not funded by the United Nations. A card sales outlet in the Galieria sold $33,000 worth of cards in two months last Christmas season, she said.

Artists donate use of their images for the cards and are not paid a royalty. Harwin's card, which Naylor expects to be published in the United States and perhaps elsewhere, will not be available until fall 1986 at the earliest, she said.

NOTE: Article continues about other local artists...

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