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Sara Harwin Sara Harwin's longtime love of art was solidified when she participated in a concentrated printmaking program at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor as she worked towards the completion of her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Through this program, she gained professionalism and first-hand experience in four different printmaking areas: intaglio, relief, serigraphy and lithography. While at Michigan, Sara spent an extensive period studying with Emil Weddige, an artist and author as well as an expert in fine art restoration.

In 1969, Sara spent a year studying clay work with Wally Schwab at Marylhurst College in Oregon. While there, she incorporated her figurative approach to art onto plates, cups, planters and freestanding sculptures. Her work was exhibited in numerous juried shows including the Bellevue Art Annual in Washington state and the annual shows at the Portland Art Museum.

Harwin Studios was established in 1970 when Sara Harwin purchased an antique Washington Proof press. The Portland, Oregon studio expanded in 1972 when her Ratcliffe of Leeds, Broadway Transfer press arrived from England, allowing works up to 42"x40" to be printed.

In early 1973, Sara was printing her own lithographs with her husband Fred as her assistant. By 1990, Sara had transitioned to working with to fabrics and had modified her studio to incorporate sewing and serging machines as well as an area for painting on silk. The addition of a new computer system in early 1996 allows Sara to draw, design and manipulate graphic ideas.

Today, Sara continues her work in the world of fine arts through many different media, from acrylic paint, paper cuts and collage to stained glass and quilts. Her challenge as a fine artist is to interpret her ideas in an infinite variety and combination of media. As the public's knowledge of Sara Harwin's work continues to expand, invitations for special showings, commissions and honors continues to grow.


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