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Elijah's Chair a Winner
Congregation Neveh Shalom Chronicle, April 1993

by: April 1993

We are proud to announce that the Chair of Elijah, designed for Neveh Shalom by Sara Harwin and executed in needlework has been selected as one of the winners of the Photo Contest held to choose artwork for the 5754 (1993-94) United Synagogue Art/Engagement Calendar. The photograph of the chair, used for the rituals of B'rit Milah and Baby Naming, will be displayed as the calendar picture for the month of January, 1994.

The chair was originally commissioned and dedicated last March by Fritzie and Sylvan Campf to honor the B'rit Milah of their grandson, Aaron Samuel Campf. Ithas since been used for numerous B'rit and Baby Namings both in the sanctuary and in the homes of congregants celebrating these simchas.

The chair photograph is also currently being displayed in Columbus, Ohio at an annual juried show sponsored by the Liturgical Art Guild of Ohio. This show features works which express, define and enrich faith - and displays both pieces of portable art and photographs of pieces considered "Liturgical Installations."

Mazel Tov to Sara for this meaningful recognition of her artistic skills and Todah Rabah to the Campfs for making possible this beautiful addition to our ritual observance.

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